Rare black bobcat is snared and killed in New Brunswick, USA

Rare black bobcat snared and killed

A trapper by the name of Oswald McFadden snared an extremely rare black bobcat outside of New Bunswick, North America.

Conservationists are up in arms, as this is the 12th black bobcat ever recorded in history.

Rare black bobcat snared and killed

The black coat is caused by melanism which is a genetic trait that displays a black-coloured pigment and can often be found in species like squirrels and jaguars. Much like jaguars, this bobcat’s spots and markings can still be seen in bright lights.

Rare black bobcat snared and killed

McFadden claims that the cat was already dead when he found it, which beckons the question ‘how many days had the cat lay there before being discovered?’

Despite the rarity of the cat, McFadden stated, “The only way it could have been better is if my two daughters would have been with me.”

The cat is possibly going to be mounted in a local museum in New Bruswick.

Source: CBC News