Planet Earth 2 criticised for ignoring wildlife crisis

Planet Earth II 'a disaster for world's wildlife'

Wildlife TV Presenter Martin Hughes-Games has stated that David Attenborough’s new TV series Planet Earth 2 is “an escapist wildlife fantasy” that ignores the damage humans are doing to species everywhere.

The seven deadly things we’re doing to trash the planet (and human life with it)
Illustration by Jasper Rietman

Hughes-Games claims the makers have ignored evidence of mass extinction, which reported last year that between 1970 and 2012 there had been a 58% decline in the abundance of vertebrates worldwide.

“These programmes are still made as if this worldwide mass extinction is simply not happening,” he said. “The producers continue to go to the rapidly shrinking parks and reserves to make their films – creating a beautiful, beguiling, fantasy world, a utopia where tigers still roam free and untroubled, where the natural world exists as if man had never been.”

Planet Earth II 'a disaster for world's wildlife'
A sloth in Planet Earth 2 swimming in his ‘idyllic’ paradise

The result is that Attenborough and others “are lulling the huge worldwide audience into a false sense of security,” he said. “No hint of the continuing disaster is allowed to shatter the illusion.”

The BBC has been criticised in the past for ignoring conservation TV and favouring escapist wildlife programmes which do nothing to educate the younger generations on the impending mass extinction of animals worldwide.


It has been recognised, however, that David Attenborough has been adding a segment to the end of his programmes related to conservation, but more still could be said to highlight some of the worlds major issues such as the loss of many of Africa’s large animals.

Wildlife presenter and conservationist Anneka Svenska who has filmed in Africa covering the poaching crisis states “I would like to see far more mainstream TV covering truthful programmes about the natural disaster which is happening in the world these days. Our planet is on the brink of a possible 6th mass extinction and commissioners are still worried about viewing figures.”

Source: The Guardian