When out in Romania during late January and February, Angels for the Innocent and charity IAPWA joined forces with GreenWorldTV to cover dog rescue and to help Romanian based rescue organisations fighting hard to help stray dogs in the plummeting temperatures.

on Day 1, the team headed out in minus 11 with charity Red Panda and stumbled upon a group of stray dogs by a busy main road, we pulled over to feed the dogs but after deciding to save a friendly female stray discovered that the female was full of milk and must be nursing young.

After over an hour of seeking for the babies in the minus temperatures and finding frozen bodies of animals in the snow, we were unable to locate the puppies and had made the heartbreaking decision to leave the mum or the babies would starve. However, just before we were to leave, the team noticed the mum crawl under a fence into a shed at the rear of a broken down house. We knocked on the door and a blind old man approached us and told us that yes the dog was there and had crawled into his shed to give birth in freezing temperatures.

We were allowed to approach the shed and what we found was incredible – 8 puppies, all about 2 weeks of age. We decided to take the other and babies to the vets to treat them, vaccinate them and eventually rehome them. In the freezing temperatures, without food and by a main road, many of the puppies would have died. The mother also had a bloody trauma to her eye which needed treating.