EXCLUSIVE – IAPWA spayathon in Romania


GreenWorldTV accompanied animal charity IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals) out to Romania to find out more about their new and exciting mission to ‘spay and neuter Romanian street dogs’.

Dr Aurelian Stefan at the IAPWA Spayathon - Center of Hope
Dr Aurelian Stefan at the IAPWA Spayathon – Center of Hope

The super ‘spayathon’ was to be based at the awe inspiring Center of Hope, Bucharest and headed up by Romanian ‘Supervet’ Aurelian Stefan. The ‘spayathon’ was to cover 2 intensive days – approx 40-50 dogs and cats per day non stop from 8am until dark.

IAPWA Spayathon - Center of Hope
Dogs recovering from surgery

Resident Vet Aurelian Stefan lives by his dream that in order to save dogs, you must stop them from reproducing. He tells us that is because there will be less out there on the streets of Romania for the dog catchers to catch, abuse, take back to kill shelters where the dogs will either be killed with poisons or left to rot for years; dying of parvo virus and distemper.

IAPWA spayathon Center of Hope Romania
Nicky Stevens – Founder of IAPWA

Nicky Stevens of IAPWA was excited to witness her very first Romanian spayathon, but has quite a presence already in Borneo, where IAPWA is one of the leading dog charities out there; having spayed and neutered hundreds already and treated thousands.

IAPWA spayathon Center of Hope Romania

So far IAPWA has:

  • Built a facility for stray dogs in Borneo where they make a difference to the lives of thousands of dogs and cats who desperately need help
  • Established a second project to support dogs in Romania
  • Assisted a sanctuary in Malaysia to enrich the lives of many rescued sun bears
  • Provided hundreds of animals with veterinary care following extreme flooding in Tanzania which left many needing emergency support
  • Provided assistance to a neutering and rabies vaccination programme in India
  • Partnered on a project in the Philippines against the Dog Meat Trade
  • Established a Campaign against Canned Hunting to protect Lions
  • Started plans to support a project helping companion animals in Nepal
  • Launched a Rhino programme, with expansion shortly to our Elephant project
  • Been awarded ‘Charity of the Year’ at the UK Ceva Animal Welfare Awards and a
    British Citizen award for International Achievement

The two day spayathon was a huge success and IAPWA continues to work towards a star free Romania.

To find out more about the world IAPWA does, visit: http://www.iapwa.org/

IAPWA spayathon Center of Hope Romania