BirdFair – Should Wildlife Film Making be More than Just Visually Stunning Armchair Entertainment?


This year’s BirdFair 2017 tackled an issue on the tongue of every conservationist – should mainstream TV be just showing just beautiful wildlife programmes or is is about time it got more real and decided to start showing programmes which reflect the state of our planet, the truth about the decline in animal species and the decimation of our environment.

Flagship wildlife TV series with multi-million budgets have been criticised for failing to address the huge threat to wildlife as a result of human activity. How can we ensure the natural world is both protected for the future and shared with us through the media?

BirdFair - should wildlife TV be more than just visually stunning entertainment

Birdfair’s expert panel, including naturalist Chris Packham, debated critical issues from illegal wildlife trade, deforestation, industrial pollution and destruction of habitats to meet the huge demands for land, food, energy and water of an expected 9 billion people on planet earth by 2050, the world’s wildlife is under greater threat today than any other time in the history of human civilisation. What more could we all be doing?

Chris Packham – Naturalist and Broadcaster
Mark Carwardine – Zoologist and Conservationist
Mary Colwell – Natural History Film Producer and writer
Martin Hughes-Games – Natural History Producer and Presenter

A special appearance from Carla Fraser and Grey Future Film