In a beautiful part of the UK called Shropshire, stands one of the greenest sanctuaries for wildlife you will ever see. Called WolfWatchUK, this haven remains hidden amongst rolling hills of conifer trees and alongside its own fresh, river water source.

WolfWatchUK is home to rescued and misplaced wolves; saved from UK zoos, parks and private collections, where care for these animals has either become impossible or the animals have been ousted from their pack. However, this sanctuary is no normal rescue, as it is home to the World’s current oldest wolf on record Madadh, who is in her 19th year.

Madadh was raised alongside her brother Kgosi, after the pair were deemed ‘surplus to requirements’, at a zoo in the UK. It is common for pups to be euthanized when there is no space for them, so WolfWatchUK’s founder Tony Haighway was quick to step in and save the two siblings.

Madadh and Kgosi

Tony hand raised the pups from 10 days old slept alongside them, so that they would bond with him. What was to surface, were two beautiful and inspiring ambassadors for wolf conservation. Two wolves to show the world how gentle and misunderstood wolves are.

Kgosi sadly passed on in May 2017, but Madadh continues to live on as an incredible testament to her wonderful care and surroundings.

GreenWorldTV has had a close relationship with WolfWatchUK for a couple of years now and were honoured to be given the opportunity to film with both Madadh and Kgosi on many occasions, one being this very special film on Madadh’s life.

What is her secret of long life? Well….watch our film to find out…..


Madadh and Kgosi with Anneka Svenska WolfWatchUK