EXCLUSIVE: Walking with Wolfdogs


GreenWorldTV met up with Wolfdog Rescue UK on their annual fundraising walk along the sands at Braunton to meet some of their past rescues and to find out more about the work they do fighting hard to save the unwanted and abandoned wolfdogs in the United Kingdom.

It was not long ago that Defra loosened restrictions of the keeping of wolfdogs, so that now various breeds can be kept such as Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, Saarloos Wolfdogs and multi-generational high contents. This has resulted in abandoned wolfdogs ending up in dog rescues along with the hundreds of unwanted dogs which are left at rescues every year.

Wolfdog Rescue UK

Due to the specialist nature of the home a wolfdog needs, Wolfdog Rescue has stepped in to fill a much needed void and to offer their help to state and private run rescues across the UK who find one of these breeds entering into their premises.

Run by Nicola Bestford and her partner Nobby; the pair have re-homed over 50 dogs in just the few years since it started and continue to fight on helping wolfdogs go to the correct homes they should have gone to to start with.

Wolfdog Rescue are always on the look out for foster homes and new adopters, so if you feel like you are the right sort of person to help give a home to one of these magnificent animals, then please contact Wolfdog Rescue here: http://www.wolfdogrescue.co.uk

Anneka Svenska Wolfdog Rescue UK