The Smeura Dog Shelter in Romania is really something astounding – it spans 33 paddocks and houses over 6,000 dogs.
Smeura dog shelter Aulim

It is recognised as being officially the Guinness World Record’s largest dog shelter in the world

Initially the shelter was built in 2000 to breed foxes for the cruel fur trade, it then was turned into another horrific place of death – a place where stray dogs were brought to be killed.
Smeura dog shelter Aulim
However, In May 2001, a lady called Mrs. Ute Langenkamp, turned this place into an establishment where the dogs were given the right to live. She rebuilt the crumbling facilities and it was prepared so that it could accommodate all the stray dogs rounded up from the streets of Pitesti,
This lady, not only made Smeura brand new, but she also made it a place of hope. It was named Aulim Shelter.

Smeura dog shelter Aulim
GreenWorldTV’s Anneka Svenska visits the shelter

This facility also runs a spay and neuter scheme for the local community, so that poorer people can bring their dogs and have them treated for free – cutting down the amount of strays in the area who may die of disease or be killed. They also run programmes with local children and schools to teach gentleness and kindness to animals.

Thanks to this wonderful woman, the death camp has become the shelter of salvation, and the Smeura Doghouse adopts out over 200 dogs a month to homes all over the world.