BESUREIS releases new Music Video ‘Soul of Salvation’


UK band Besureis releases a brand new music video with the kind support of Jane Goodall who features at the end.

The video which has been beautifully shot, astoundingly on zero budget, fills the screen with sepia tones, mesmerising imagery and an historical, emotional plot could trick you into thinking that you are watching a huge high budget Hollywood epic.

Besureis states that ‘Soul of Salvation’ is in memory of William Wallace and all those who stood before us and laid a path to make a positive change and why it is important for us all to fight for what is right in the world.

We spoke to lead singer Duke Ingram who states that he would like all youngsters to be inspired to follow in their footsteps and understand that it is possible to produce world changing films on a zero or low budget and we must all act now to change injustice, whether it is to animals, people or the environment before it is too late.

The film features some familiar faces such as animal advocate and actor Peter Egan and actress Heidi Mumford-Yeo.

The film is dedicated to Dr. Jane Goodall Jane Goodall Institute UK