Chinese Police officer awarded medal after beating a Golden Retriever to death

Golden Retriever killed by Chinese policeman

There has been worldwide outrage to the brutal killing of a Golden Retriever in Changsha after the Chinese government responded in ‘support’ of the officer.

The dog had been tied to a bollard at the side of the road and was set upon by police, after it had been reported as biting two passer bys.

The policeman started to beat the dog over the head in an attack which witnesses said lasted up to 3 hours and the cries of the dog could be heard by shoppers. The police responded that darting or shooting the dog was not an option as the bullets could have ricocheted onto a passing person.

Golden Retriever killed by Chinese policeman
The club used to kill the dog

The assistant policeman who beat the Golden Retriever to death has since been awarded a medal of honour for being a “Defender of the People.” 打狗英雄人民卫土 which has spurred worldwide demonstrations across the globe.

The following was written directly to activist group ‘Fight Dog Meat’ from a Chinese rescuer living in China:

Golden Retriever killed by Chinese policeman
Graphic Image: Retriever injured and dead after the attack

“There are many people who eat dogs and cats, especially in less developed cities such as Changsha (where the dog was beaten to death.) Coke is the name of the Golden Retriever and I’m still trying to contact his owner (I think Coke is a boy.)”

“We animal activists have been receiving much pressure from the media and other organizations. There are a great number of people hired to post fake comments in support of the local police. Those people are either paid or they eat dog meat themselves.”

“Illegal dog meat vendors are on the police side and attacking animal activists. They also infiltrate and hide people in the animal activist groups [online Chinese social media] to obtain information from us. The local police are proud of what they have done to Coke (no kidding.) They’ve made themselves flags.”

“The so-called policeman indeed is not a formal policeman. There isn’t a standard name for such role – he’s more like an assistant to the police. It is highly debatable whether he is qualified as a law enforcer. This is a fact even the government do not argue about.”

“I understand Coke’s case is not the worst and there are real sick cases here in China. But our argument is this cruel execution was done in public in broad daylight with many children and elderly people standing watching this horror. People were trying to stop the assistant policeman but were instead threatened. In the video clips recorded onsite you can hear people crying in the background.”
Golden Retriever killed by Chinese policeman

Changsha Police said the officer was carrying out his duty of controlling the city’s pet dogs according to the rules and regulations.

‘Dog owners should control or kill any violent, rabid-like dogs. They should also report the incidents to the police department and animal infection control department immediately,’ stated the regulations.

Keith Guo, press officer of PETA Asia, stated that the police officer’s public killing should be condemned as it’s been witnessed by onlookers, including young children.

‘This is not just an act of violence towards animals, it also reflects the tragedy of animals being traded then abandoned as commercial products’, said Guo.

The incident has sparked an outcry on social media platform. Some residents are paying tributes to the golden retriever and have placed flowers and candles at the places where the dog was killed.
Golden Retriever killed by Chinese policeman

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If you would like to join the London demonstration this week, details can be found below:


  1. These people abusing/killing speechless souls are disgrace in the name of mankind & so is that so-called policemen beating the poor dog so mercilessly , This is cruel unforgiving act & the Chinese Govt should be shameful of the evil act , Dogs/ cats are not commodities nor to eat they are humans best loyal companions, Stress relievers , Life supporters. Ask for justice to the poor child (retriever dog)who was killed merciless, Ask authorities / Government if they are humans with heart to condemn such evil acts across China & give a deserving life to the animals we love.

  2. “Dog owners should control or kill any violent, rabid-like dogs” How about controlling and killing rabid like people like the sick heartless fuck that did this.

  3. What’s wrong with people?😠😡this ia so DISTURBING!!!!!!! A Golden Retriever 😔😢this is too cruel how can rhia policeman ger a award??????? Ge should of lost his job you DISGUSTING piece of scum !!!!!!!!! Where is the petition????? 2018 & things don’t change in thia Countries. Something have to changw when it comes to dogs!!!!!!!!!! Dogs are the best a human can have in their life’s.

  4. claims like ‘The police responded that darting or shooting the dog was not an option as the bullets could have ricocheted onto a passing person.’ is bullsh*t at close range that never happens this sick freak wanted to beat the dog and people wonder why we loathe china they are always the worst no matter how sick everyone else is they can be counted on to sunk even lower.

  5. This is horrific but then I notice that it happened in China ! What’s new ?! Whether a policeman or a citizen no one has the right to kill an animal in this barbaric way! If this is normal behaviour in China , I’ll get a medal for flying over there & murdering the perpetrator !

  6. May these heartless humans be damned. Meanwhile, we are INEFFECTIVE, merely RETWEETING this horrific story, causing no relief or justice. Our only hope is that #CHINESE #AnimalActivists are faithful and working as hard as possible, given the many horrors inherent in their culture.

  7. I wish nothing but a slow lingering and very painful death to this evil piece of scum and for the vile pieces of so called human beings who are all part of the horrific dog meat trade . I hate them all . Thank god there are some people willing to stand up against them .. bycot all possible products from China and the Far East . What absolute cruel and evil people a great percentage are if we do nothing it will all continue