BUTCHER OF BUCHAREST PART 2 – Tortured Romanian dog update


January 2017 saw a story hit the newspapers and news stations of the world, about a stray dog called Spirit who had been brought to a clinic in Romania after being horrifically mutilated by a psychopath. Her leg and tail had been hacked off, her teeth extracted, her skull broken and her lower spine fractured. Worse still, she had been raped by a knife.

The Butcher of Bucharest
Spirit was mutilated horrifically by a local Bucharest psychopath in 2017

The world was horrified, but more than ever outraged that animal laws in Romania did not protect this dog, nor the multiple other victims of this Bucharest psychopath.

As well as Spirit being mutilated, other dogs were found over a period of 1 week, puppies decapitated, skinned and cut open. Several months later, the dog abuser struck again, cutting a tail off a local dog…a sign that he was still active and in the area.

The Butcher of Bucharest
Another victim of the dog mutilator

Vets Rudi and Garofita Hoffman of Dog Rescue Romania fought hard to save Spirit’s life and she underwent many operations. Complaints and reports were also issued to the Bucharest police by the vets in the hope that the psychopath would be found and charged, but 12 months later….what happened to Spirit, did she survive and was the attacker ever caught and prosecuted?

Part 2 to the story will explain what has happened in this 12 month period

To watch PART 1 of The Butcher of Bucharest click below

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  1. How could anyone do this to an innocent animal? Tbey are sub-human and need to be stopped and punished severely.
    Poor spirit…thank God she now knows that not all people are evil.